A Greater Reality
The New Paradigm of Nonlocal Consciousness, the Paranormal, and the Contact Modalities

The book A GREATER REALITY aims to articulate a new paradigm that seeks to integrate the findings of consciousness research and the phenomenology of extraordinary experiences, what we at the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute (CCRI) call the Contact Modalities.

CCRI is an academic research institute committed to an integrative approach to the entire spectrum of psychophysical anomalies. Members include professionals in the fields of Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics, Philosophy, Psychiatry, Psychology, Neuroscience, Sociology, Quantum Biology, Information Sciences, Parapsychology and Medical Doctors.


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Dr. Rudy Schild

After a 45-year career at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics at Harvard University, and over 300 peer reviewed academic publications, Rudy has been recognized as one of the leading proponents of MECOS, an alternative to black hole theory. Rudy was also a pioneer in gravitational lensing and matter structuring of the universe. Rudy’s most recent research activities involved comparison of gravitational microlensing, brightness fluctuations with black hole models to study quasar inner structure. Rudy is also the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Cosmology which has published many academics articles on the relationship between Consciousness and the Contact Modalities.

Dr. Jeffrey Long

Dr. Jeffrey Long is a physician practicing the specialty of radiation oncology, (the use of radiation to treat cancer) in Houma, Louisiana.  Dr. Long served on the Board of Directors of IANDS (the International Association for Near-Death Studies for many years), and has been one of the world’s most active Near Death Experience (NDE) researchers for more than 25 years.

Dr. Jon Klimo

Dr. Jon Klimo received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Brown University many years ago. For the last 45 years, John was a professor in the clinical program of The American Schools of Professional Psychology, Argosy University and Rutgers University. He has chaired approximately 250 academic doctoral dissertations over his career and of these, approximately 75 have completely or primarily involved topics of parapsychology, the paranormal, consciousness studies, spiritual/transpersonal studies, "new paradigm" science, and in the area of Ufology.

Michael Grosso, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Grosso got his Ph.D. in philosophy and also studied classical Greek at Columbia University. He has taught philosophy and humanities at New Jersey City University, City University of New York, and elsewhere. His main focus has been on philosophy of mind, with an emphasis on paranormal, creative, and mystical states of consciousness. Michael has authored numerous books, the latest being Smile of the Universe: Miracles in an Age of Disbelief.

Reinerio (Rey) Hernandez, JD, MCP, PhD Candidate

Rey graduated with honors from Rutgers College, was a Masters Candidate at Cornell University and was a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of California at Berkeley where he was the recipient of a National Science Foundation Ph.D. Fellowship. He previously was a Professor for six years at the New School for Social Research and at the City University of New York. Rey is currently the Director of the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute, or CCRI, an academic research institute comprised of more than 25 Ph.D. academics, medical doctors, and researchers whose mission is to explore a new paradigm that seeks to integrate the findings of consciousness research and the phenomenology of extraordinary experiences, what Rey coined in 2013 as the “Contact Modalities”.

Volumes 1 & 2 are our theoretical volumes and feature articles by Ph.D. academics, medical doctors and researchers who have focused on researching the connection between Consciousness and the Contact Modalities. Volumes 1 and 2 are available now. Volumes 3 & 4 will feature articles by individuals who have had many diverse contact experiences with the Greater Reality. Volumes 3 and 4 will be available via Amazon soon.

Authors - Volumes 1 & 2

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What are Contact Modalities?

The Contact Modalities are all the diverse ways humans are "piercing the veil" of our multidimensional reality and having contact with Non-Human Intelligence via Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), Out of Body Experiences (OBEs), Ghosts/Spirits, Remote Viewing, Hallucinogenic Journeys, Channeling, Post-Death Communications, Mystical Meditation, Lucid Dreams, and Human Initiated Contact Experiences (HICE) and many other modalities.

A Greater Reality

Volume 1 & Volume 2: Theoretical Chapters Volume 3 & 4: Experiencer Chapters

Volume 1


I. Introduction

Example of an Experiencer of Consciousness & the Contact Modalities

  • Dr. Melinda Greer: A Medical Doctor and her Many Contact Modalities Experiences

II. The Primacy of Consciousness and the Contact Modalities

  • Dr. Eben Alexander, Interview with Jeffrey Mishlove: The Primacy of Consciousness
  • Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr. Bruce Greyson, Dr. Peter Sturrock, Dr. Jim Tucker: Consciousness – What is it?
  • Tom Campbell: An Information Based Theory of Consciousness & the Contact Modalities
  • Dr. Larry Dossey: The One Mind of Consciousness
  • Giorgio Piacenza: Integral Theory of Consciousness & the Contact Modalities
  • William Treurniet: An Extraterrestrial Cosmology of Consciousness
  • Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove: Interview with Rey Hernandez
  • Dr. Michael Grosso: Contact with Transcendent Mind

III. Non-Local Consciousness, Telepathy and the Quantum Hologram

  • Dr. Glen Rein: Perception, Resonance and Communications with Conscious Intelligence-- the Legacy of Edgar Mitchell
  • Dr. Edgar Mitchell: The Quantum Hologram and Consciousness
  • Dr. Rudy Schild: A Computer Model of Consciousness & the Contact Modalities
  • Giorgio Piacenza: The QH Theory of Consciousness and the Contact Modalities
  • Dr. Joe Lewels: The Holographic Universe and the Paranormal

IV. Near Death Experiences and Survival of Human Consciousness

  • Dr. Sharon Hewitt Rawlett: Best Evidence for the Survival of Human Consciousness
  • Dr. Bruce Greyson: Overview of NDE Research
  • Dr. Jeffrey Long: Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Long by Rey Hernandez
  • Dr. Raymond Moody: Interview with Dr. Raymond Moody by Rey Hernandez

V. Out of Body Experiences, Remote Viewing and Consciousness

  • Stephan A. Schwartz: Through Time and Space: The Evidence for Remote Viewing
  • Julia Sellers: A Literature Review of Out of Body Experiences
  • Marilynn Hughes: OBEs, Astral Travel & Remote Viewing: An Introduction

VI. Lucid Dreams and Consciousness

  • Daniel Rekshan: Lucid Dreams as a Contact Modality: A Literature Review

VII. Ghosts/Spirits and Spiritual Transformation

  • Dr. Gary Schwartz: Survival of Consciousness Research
  • Dr. Edgar Mitchell: The QH, Merging of Science and Spirituality
  • Dr. Eric Ouellet: The Marian Apparitions
  • Paul Eno: Ghosts, Poltergeist, Parasites, Parallel Worlds and GOD
  • Rev. Michael Carter: Contact and Spiritual Transformation

VIII. Entheogenic Research and Contact with Conscious Intelligence

  • Dr. Roland Griffiths (John Hopkins School of Medicine): 2 articles
  • Dr. Christopher Timmermann: DMT Models the Near-Death Experience

IX. UAPs/UFOs and Consciousness

  • Rey Hernandez & Others: Chapter One from "Beyond UFOs"
  • Brad Steiger: 17 Theories for UFO Contact and the FREE Research Study
  • Dr. Charles Emmons: UAP/UFOs and Consciousness
  • Dr. Jon Klimo: Interdimensional Realities & the Contact Modalities
  • Dr. Joseph Burkes: The Virtual Reality Model of UAP/UFO Contact
  • Anonymous Chinese Researcher: Experiencers of the Contact Modalities in China
  • Brent Raynes: John Keel and his Theory of UAPs & the Paranormal
  • Dr. Massimo Teodorani: In Search for a New Science on UAP/UFOs
  • Mary Rodwell: Awakening to a Greater Reality: Is there a Unification Theory of the 'Paranormal' Contact Modalities?
  • Dr. Michael Grosso: The New Story: UFOs, Psychical Research, and Religion
  • Dr. John Alexander: UAP & the Contact Modalities - Phenomena Without Borders
  • George Knapp: Interview w/ Rey Hernandez

X. Future Research of the CCRI

  • Rey Hernandez: CCRI Research Proposal on Consciousness & Contact
  • Dr. Raul Valverde & Chet Swanson: Proposal for a Quantum Matrix Type Ontology for NDE Research

XI. Conclusion

  • Dennis Briefer: The Nature of A Greater Reality and the Contact Modalities
  • Dr. Gary Schwartz & Dr. Mario Beauregard: Arguments for a Post-Materialist Science on Consciousness
  • Stephan A. Schwartz: Kuhn and the Emerging Paradigm of Consciousness
  • Dr. Jon Klimo: How Psychology and Psychiatry have to change to accommodate Experiencers of the Contact Modalities

CCRI will introduce the Post-Materialist hypothesis that “Consciousness is Primary” . We hold that consciousness is fundamental, non-local, and that matter, energy, and information are derivatives and contained within consciousness-- the philosophical position that the only thing that exists is consciousness. We hypothesize that all of the Contact Modalities are interrelated via a manipulation of space-time and by definition ​might be interdimensional in nature.

We also argue that there is a range of states of consciousness, the Contact Modalities, where we can access both non-physical and physical realms and interact with perceived Non-Human Intelligence via our ordinary senses. For all of these reasons, we assert that the Contact Modalities need to be studied as ONE PHENOMENON-- as manifestations of a single greater source of mind and consciousness.

A New Paradigm

Reffering Thomas Kuhn - Science as a Paradigm

The Kuhn Cycle is defined by 5 stages:

  1. Normal Science — the common model of understanding and problem solving for a discipline.
  2. Model Drift — the discipline starts to be faced with new questions or anomalies that the current model cannot address.
  3. Model Crisis — the current model can no longer be applied to all problems and unresolved anomalies appear in greater volume. Additionally, the discipline practitioners can no longer patch the model.
  4. Model Revolution — one or more candidates appear to resolve the crisis and the discipline struggles with a new model.
  5. Paradigm Change — where the new model is established by early influential supporters.